Online Stores

Do you need an online store?

What can an online store do for you? If you find it hard to sell your merchandise, track sales and keep your merchandise stocked in all the colors, and sizes you want to sell, then may be it is time to consider an online store as an option.

We offer 2 different types of stores for you to choose from. These stores are very powerful tools that can display your goods and all the information about the products you are looking to sell. You can assign you own domain name to either store and have it as its own store separate from your web page or you can just have a link from your current website to the online store.

If you want the store to be its own domain, then there are many options to SEO and meta tag the page and
products so you can get good rankings with search engines.

Store number 1.
See sample of store.

This store allows you to place any product you want to sell. You can give descriptions of the individual products while collecting all the customers data by creating an account with you for future orders. It allows the consumer to place the order without processing the payment at the time. This system allows you to contact your client about the order and gather shipping information and charges and collect any other details about the order from your customer before you finalize the final bill for all the charges that may apply.

Store number 2.
See sample of store.

This store allows you to place any product you want to sell. This store has many options to customize the look colors and feel of the website. This is the best option for selling shirts because, you can give descriptions, add different colors, sizes with the same logo display, different logos to the front of the shirt, back of the shirt, and both sleeves.

It tracks inventory and processes the payment on the spot. It has many capabilities and flexabilities to make selling your products easy and take the headache out of facilitating and the oraganizing selling your products Please contact us with for more details and pricing. 888-266-1595.